Architects Professional Indemnity

Architects are always at the forefront of the construction industry, they have to deal with many exposures to professional service claims due to a variety of responsibilities and roles that are undertaken. All Architects can make substantial savings with Professional Indemnity Insurance. If you are an architect by trade, your insurance should be thought about carefully. This insurance policy is a necessity for all practicing architects either on your own or employed through another company. Architects work in a broad range of disciplines which can vary from project to project. It is important to purchase a professional indemnity policy that covers the diverse areas in which they work. Either way, you need to be covered.

What is Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you and your business in the event a claim is made against you by a client for negligence on your part. The policy will cover you for damages payable and your legal defense costs.

How much does Architects Professional indemnity Cost 

The cost of professional indemnity premium will depend on a number of factors such as – Type of work architect is involved in, turnover, limit of cover required and claims experience.


Why purchase Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance with Pembroke Insurances 

  1. With our quoting systems we can seek out the most appropriate insurance deal.
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