Architects Professional Indemnity

Architects are always at the forefront of the construction industry, they have to deal with many exposures to professional service claims due to a variety of responsibilities and roles that are undertaken. All Architects can make substantial savings with Professional Indemnity Insurance. If you are an architect by trade, …

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Insurance for Startups

What is Insurance for Startups

Ultimately, Insurance comes down to protecting your company, your growth, and your employees. Sometimes being your own boss can be challenging but also rewarding, however, if anything goes wrong, it all stops at you. Insurance for start-ups should be more of an investment and not a …

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What is Cyber Liability Insurance

As a nation, unfortunately, cybercrimes and data breaches are becoming increasingly common. Like a lot of businesses, every company will send, store, and receive electronic data. A lot of the data will include information that belongs to your business, like tax records and sales projections, etc. …

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