Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your profession or business requires you to advise others, you could be exposed to claims for duty of care breaches.
If you, in the course of your work of advising clients, make a mistake or do/fail to do something that could cause financial loss to another person then you need this type of cover. With our professional indemnity insurance policies, you get cover for legal costs on any claims brought against you and also covers the cost of any rewards associated with it.
Our skilled team in Pembroke can arrange a competitive policy that is specific to your requirements. An essential for consulting engineers in Ireland.

Professional Indemnity

Why Choose us for Your Personal Indemnity Policy?

When choosing a broker to advise you on your needs in relation to Professional Indemnity Insurance you need a Broker who has a combination of expert product knowledge, access to all relevant Professional Indemnity Underwriters both in Ireland and in the UK (London or Lloyds markets), an understanding of your business and the specific needs and requirements that you have in order to protect you fully. At Pembroke Insurances we have the ideal combination of markets, experience and service to allow us to provide the full package in relation to your Professional Indemnity needs.

Whether you are a sole trader or a large and complex company our team can provide you will everything you need to find the best value for tailor made cover for your business.

Some of the areas we specialise in are:

Accountants & Book Keepers

Accountants work in very controversial environments across a broad range of trades. This type of policy was specially created for this type of profession. Compared to other liability companies, we address real life exposures to these types of industries which helps us fill in any missing gaps other may not provide.

Architects & Consulting Engineers

Architects and Engineers engage in a broad range of disciplines which vary widely from project to project. It is important for architects and consulting engineers to buy an insurance policy which covers the diverse areas in which they work. We understand the risks that design professionals encounter day to day, which allows us to arrange cover that is specific to your needs.

Building Contractors Design & Construct

Contractors are increasingly taking on the design risks in their contracts so Professional Indemnity Insurance is becoming an increasing requirement in these Design and Construct contracts. Any contractor that undertakes design work as a part of a contract needs to have this type of cover. More often than not, Employers will insist on this.

Quantity Surveyors & Estate Agents

Estate Agents, Property Management Companies, and Surveying Firms face exposures that are specific to their industry. At Pembroke, we understand these risks better than most, so have the expertise in finding specific solutions to your needs. We can cover your Contractual Liability, Withheld Fee’s, along with your Professional Indemnity. If you are a quantity surveyor looking for a tailored policy, please get in touch with us!

Technology & Telecommunications

At Pembroke, we specialise in arranging insurance in the Technology and Telecommunications sectors, from Start-ups to PLC’s. We understand that the term “Technology” covers a vast array of companies all specialising in different fields. We will take the time to work closely with you so we will understand the risks facing your business in a way that other general insurance brokers won’t, meaning you will get the best cover that really suits your business, not an off the shelf policy!

Recruitment Agents

Recruitment Agencies, Employment, and Staffing Agencies require a specific type of cover. The standard policy that most brokers will sell won’t cover you for what you need. We understand that difference. The insurance we provide covers you correctly for the likes of Vicarious Liability, Placed Personnel, Breach of Regulations and Withheld Fee.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

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