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Our service starts with getting to know our clients and their specific individual needs. By conducting a Confidential Financial Fact Find we can establish your critical planning needs such as your attitude to risk, security factor, current circumstances and future financial needs. Individual and corporate clients benefit from advice on

Wealth Management

Keeping You Informed

Pembroke Wealth Management commit to keeping you informed of your progress regularly via telephone, text, e-mail and regular one to one meetings. We also run free seminars in our Dublin Office on topical, relevant issues such as the effects of tax changes or changes in legislation.

Tailored Financial Solutions

No matter what your wealth means are we can tailor financial solutions to suit your requirements or specific financial limit. Our number one aim and priority is protecting you and your family’s personal insurance, estate planning, and taxation plans. With our experience in insurance trade, we can help you in finding the right and most competitive insurance package.

Specialist Advice

As part of our service we offer specialist advice from dedicated accountants, financial analysts, solicitors and tax advisors through our strategic partnerships. Pembroke Wealth Management is truly your one stop shop for all financial solutions.

Business Owners

For business owners, to ensure your company and your own financial needs are protected against the unexpected, we can advise you on Life and General Insurance solutions, including Keyman Protection, Business Succession Planning, Employer Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity and Directors and Officers Insurance. We provide expert advice on tax reduction strategies, including the use of PRSAs.

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Insurance for Wealth Management & Life

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