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Affordable Start-up Insurance

When starting up a new business there are a million things to consider and arrange. One of the important but often overlooked items is business insurance. Obviously, the cost and scope of the insurance that you need will depend on the type and size of business that you are setting up. In our experience, most start-up businesses can protect themselves fully for a reasonably modest amount of premium. The risks to consider are –

  •  Risk to your property
  • Risk of loss of profits in the event of an insurance claim
  • Risk of injury to members of the public
  • Risk of injury to your employees
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Risk of injury to the business owners
  • Risk of a claim against you for professional advice or design work

It is important to get the advice of an independent Insurance Broker who will advise you on the risks and find the correct cover for you at the best price. It may be that you only require very basic insurance cover and the broker will advise you on additional covers that you may need as your business grows. The cost of start-up insurance is not as high as you might think!

Quick Start-up Business Insurance Quotes

If you would like a quick and economical Business Insurance Quote for your Start-up business we can arrange that for you either over the phone, in person or by email. For most start-up businesses we can arrange quotes or even cover for you within 24 hours.

As with all policies we seek the best cover at the lowest price – you will be surprised at how little our quotes for Start-up companies are. We can usually arrange for the premium to be paid in installments over 10 months. Our team of Account Executives specialise in providing service and cover to the SME sector and have unrivaled relationships with the relevant insurers ensuring the best all-round packages for your new Business Insurance needs.

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Small Business Insurance Policies

In the past, many types of insurance that would be needed by a small business had to be bought separately. Now, however, most insurers have special packages that bundle together the various components that you may need – Fire, Business Interruption, Public / Products Liability and Employers Liability Etc. this makes the whole process of buying Insurance for a Small company easier and cheaper than it would have been in the past. Although most insurers do not provide these package policies and they are broadly the same, it is important to seek the advice of an independent broker to secure the correct cover for your particular business at the very best price.

Small Business Insurance is cheaper than you might think and it provides you and your business with the security that you need to protect your livelihood. It will not cost you any more to deal with a reputable broker as the insurance company will pay them a commission and they will compare many insurance companies’ products and prices for you. Learn why insurance for small businesses is so important!

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