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Why Insurance for Small Businesses is Important

Insurance for small businesses is important for many reasons. It provides certainty against events that could destroy a small business or financially decimate the business or sole trader. We work so hard to build up our businesses and assets and all could be lost through an event that could be covered by a relatively inexpensive Insurance Policy. Small Business Insurance is relatively inexpensive as most insurers have packaged the required covers into a relatively simple and inexpensive package.
  • Makes your business look more credible
We often see where consumers are trying to choose which Sole Trader or Small Business to engage with that they will seek out companies that are fully insured. The fact that the company has insurance provides protection for the consumer which the value and the fact that a company has insurance shows a level of professionalism and responsibility on behalf of the insured company.
  • Provides protection for your employees
Employers Liability insurance protects your employees and compensates them for injury or damage sustained in the course of their work provided that they can show that there was negligence on behalf of their employers.
  • Attracts and retains employees
Employees want to work in companies where they can progress and that have a professional outlook with the security of their position. Having the correct insurances demonstrates that the business is professional and committed to protecting themselves against events that could harm the business and protecting members of the public and employees against injury and damage caused by the company.
  • It grants peace of mind
As a small business owner, we may be kept awake at night worrying about events that could harm or destroy our business. This could be losing a valued customer or supplier, changes in the market or economy or problems with employees. Another very important threat to the business is from potential insurance claims. This could be from Property Damage, Business Interruption, Employers Liability or Public / Products Liability. If not properly insured any of these events could destroy a business or financially ruin a sole trader.


Types of policies:
  • Public Liability Insurance
Public Liability insurance protects the insured by indemnifying them in respect of any action that may be brought by a member of the public for injury or damage caused by the negligence of the insured.
  • Commercial Combined or Package Policy
Most insurers now have a number of options available to Small Businesses. These include the ability to provide cover the various risks separately or as part of a commercial combined insurance or a Package Policy. A package policy, for example, could insure a Shop or Restaurant or Office and give all of the covers that they may require as standard within one policy. This gives the cover in an uncomplicated and economically viable way.
A Commercial Combined Policy allows the insured to choose which cover sections that they require and tailor the cover to their needs but still retaining all of the covers under one policy.
  • Employers Liability
Employers Liability insurance protects the insured by indemnifying them in respect of any action that may be brought by an Employee for injury or damage caused by the negligence of the insured. This gives protection to the Employee and also to the Employer.

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